Books in English

The Corpo Survival Kit

Are you a corporate („corpo“) dinosaur, hyena or maybe a suricate? Have you thought about it already? Do you know what is the best survival strategy for hyenas and other corporate personality types? This book is a perfect survival kit for people joining or working already for corporations.

Written in a half-joking way, the book will give you some helpful tips on how to succeed faster and avoid mistakes on the way. Remember each mistake places your success farer away from you. Be smart and get to the finish line faster!

The book includes the personality test, so make sure you verify what corpo type you are!

Pregnancy in Germany – The Checklists

Are you tired of researching about pregnancy in Germany? Are you confused with the burocracy, deadlines, different types of benefits and multiple responsible authorities? Don’t worry! You are not alone! This book with checklists is the easiest to enjoy your pregnancy time and simply relax – just follow the checklists and tick each position you have already completed.

At the end of the book you will realize that your pregnancy time was the most beautiful time of your life!

Enjoy this journey!


1. Cappuccino (English version)

A romantic and funny story about a young woman who decided to travel alone to Italy. This decision will bring trouble, danger, fun and love in her life.

The first part of the Girlfriends series.

2. The Christmas Wedding Trick

A romantic story about friendship, love and devotion. How much would you do for your best friend? Did you ever ask yourself?

The second part of the Girlfriends series.